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Wow... my previous journal update was eight months ago XD
Hi-ya~ how do you do?

I was working on a comic project called Krōma as a contributing artist, project manager and marketing communicator @.@ so yeah, it kept me busy for the past few months. The comic I am contributing is RaRuuRien, an ethnic-fantasy themed comic about tiny family who live in a mountain village. I've already put a little story of it on my deviation:

Raruurien Promo Art by N-Maulina

you can read some of the comic through link below

Raruurien on webtoon

(psst... it's in Indonesian language)

As you can see, I used different drawing style than usual on this project. But worry not, my soul is still on painting style hha XD. I am a designer, tend to use different style for different solutions. The color and drawing style on RaRuuRien are optimized for printed colored comic. Here are some comic samples (sorry about the watermark..):

Raruurien comic sample 01 by N-MaulinaRaruurien comic sample 02 by N-Maulina

Raruurien comic sample 03 by N-MaulinaRaruurien comic sample 04 by N-Maulina

Raruurien comic sample 05 by N-Maulina

I'm planning to publish the english version of the comic. Maybe on tapastic? Let me know what you think :3


Btw... I was interviewed by Tech in Asia few days ago

[Artistalk] Inspirasi dari Keluarga, Menjadi Ilustrasi Berharga –

Wawancara dengan Ann Maulina dari Tinker Games

mostly reveals who am I, what am I doing and my inspirations



I'm working on three big projects right now @.@
so commission is still (and will be) closed until November.


Other Updates

Thank you so much for staying with me even when I post nothing.
I'm planning to be active again on dA and I need your help!
I feel so lonely here. Please stop by sometimes and ask me random things.
I will do my best to reply ASAP XD

have a nice day :wave:
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Slots are full. Thank you!
As always, I'll finish all assigned commissions within the month

rules and price details are here 
send me a note if you are interested

Ann's Commission by N-Maulina
Hi! 3 Slots for November are open!
Yeah, only 3 slots because I'm starting to work at a game developer
As always, I'll finish all assigned commissions within the month

Cheers! :wave:

:star: SLOTS :star:
1. :iconendlez-syco:
2. :iconamorouskoi:

:iconloudcompany: Navy-Green by N-Maulina:icontheonlyjero: Snowy White by N-Maulina:iconamorouskoi: Sui by N-Maulina:iconautumncrazed: Beryl by N-Maulina:iconautumncrazed: Blue Ribbon by N-Maulina:iconamorouskoi: Insecurity by N-Maulina:iconamorouskoi: Dark Blue Ice by N-Maulina

rules and price details are here 
send me a note if you are interested
Ann's Commission by N-Maulina

Hello~ How do you do~ :wave:

It's been a while since the last time I used journal feature unless for commission purpose.

I was busy with my last project for almost a year now.
It's finally over and now I'm a... 

La la la la Bachelor of Design! La la la la 

yeah, congratulate me, people!

I'm ready to get active on dA again.
I'm back but... I think I lost. I don't know how to start.
It is sad and kind of lonely because I don't think people I used to hang out with are still here

By the way, birthday is coming
which means I'm getting old awesome :iconbadassplz: 
I want to do a special event here. Any ideas?
Instead of getting a gift, I want to give something for you.
I don't know... maybe a tutorial? brush pack? giveaway?

Well anyway, see you around :wave:

Hi! 5 Slots for next month are open!
As always, I'll finish all assigned commissions within the month

:star: SLOTS :star:
1. :iconloudcompany: PAID
2. :icontheonlyjero: PAID
3. :iconautumncrazed: PAID
4. :iconautumncrazed: PAID
5. :iconamorouskoi: PAID

rules and price details are here 
send me a note if you are interested
Ann's Commission by N-Maulina

Hi! How do you do?

I won't be active on dA for two months. But I will check comments and notes once in a while so if you have question or need some help, you can still note me ;)

Hey, I will be around instagram instead! I just start using it but I will keep it updated with art and stuff
I hope I will see you guys there too :wave:

Untitled-1 by N-Maulina

Ann's Commission by N-Maulina

Hi, thanks for your support. Four slots are already filled, and two of them are finished. 
I could add a few more slots but I got call for the final project early so I have to wrap this thing up, 
which mean... commission is closed until approximately 5 months later
For you who still need art service, I'd like to recommend you my irl friend :iconrosketch:
She works fast with good quality. 

:star: rosketch's Commission :star:

Radadusta commission menu by rosketch

posted on 15 january 2014:
I have two weeks of free time before continuing final project (or restarting it, if I don't pass previous test)
I will only accept commission this week, so I can finish all the works in the next week

Click here for price details

send me a  if you are interested

Slots are full. 
Commission will be open again later at the end of the year. Thank you!

Click here for price details

send me a if you are interested
01 by N-Maulina
13 by N-Maulina  03-04 New by N-Maulina

Hello! I'm here to announce my comic, "Varunair".
Here is the llink to the comic
It's a short (well... I will make it short) story within Z Sphere universe.
It was first posted almost a year ago on smackjeeves. Was abandoned for months 
because of university project assignments T^T. But now, it's alive again. 
And I need your support to keep it alive

This is the first time I announce it outside my rarely updated tumblr blog.
I was deciding to promote it only when I think it worth enough to see.
There are huge gaps of time I working between pages, 
so there are some quality difference too. But I already redrew some pages.
I hope I'm not let you down.

I'm updating the comic weekly (every Sunday)

If you found this comic interesting, share the excitement.
I will be really grateful :hug:

Here are some awesome fanarts my friends drew for me. Enjoy!

Rinslet Sahra by astriasimov

Rinslette by astriasimov! cool!

Rinsel by daybreaks0
Pretty Rinslette by daybreaks0 :heart:

Z Sphere by Syndicth
Couple by Syndicth Rivar, you are so... flirty

Rinslette Sahra by mysticswordsman21
Cheerful Rinslette by mysticswordsman21

Crosser by Dewitrika
by Dewitrika Rivaaar! so cool! 

Every fanart will be featured on the comic site. 
You can draw Varunair fanart as a support. I will be glad to feature it :w00t:
I was at my friend's place for a week to prepare last project trial (I don't know how you said it in English). 
So tired... tomorrow will be the day of the presentation but strangely I'm not nervous at all.
There will be no semester holiday. I will have to start internship at jotter pro on June 3rd to fulfill one of college subject.
What a rough semester. I hope to graduate soon T^T I'm getting sick of college assignments.

Okay that's enough for the rant

Thank you for the comments and suggestions on my previous journal. They helps me to know my weaknesses and my powers. Overall, my drawings are lack of expressions XD just like me irl. To fix that weakness is my new resolution.
I still have some anatomy and dynamic angle problems. But why doesn't anyone mention about my drawing about hands? hha, I'm bad at those. Meanwhile, my power is color combination. I don't know since when did I start painting with strong color combination, but I'm sure it already effects my choice in everyday outfit too. 

It's quite hard to pick one best comment objectively, so I asked my close friend--who have been following my works for about four years--to be the judge.

And tatadaaaaa! The free commission goes to the one who wrote the following comment:

Hmmm.... if you're asking me about your skills and arts... I've got to say that I'm really, really amazed at how you managed to improve in such a little time! I can see that you've worked so hard in order to get into this level! You're one of the person I looked up to since you dare yourself to experiment and seek what you're capable of.
I won't say that you've got any mistake because for what I've seen, you're in the process of moving from one level to another level. I can see that lately you're working on dynamic poses and strong color scheme. I really get the emotion of your arts because the strong color scheme really craved into my soul by the time I take a look at it. It gave me the impression that your art whispers "Look at me" and those words echoed even after I've taken a look at your art. You know, sometimes a whisper speaks louder than a scream, if you get what I mean.
This art of yours : [link] is so far my absolute fav. I love the way you maintain the expression of the girl. She seemed so calm, closing her eyes but at the same time, I can sense she's feeling uneasy, terrified, burdened but yet isn't fully sure what's actually happening. That's how nightmare is! I think this is one of your strengths too! You can combine ironical things in one particular painting and successfully sends out the message towards the audience (in this case, warm and cool color, calm and tensed emotion). Keep up with it!!
Hmm... If I may suggest you with something, maybe you can try to color with soft color scheme for some of the upcoming arts (like, in low saturation) and see if you can mix it with your current art style? Another thing would be... try to draw your characters in 'extreme' expression, such as, extremely mad, sad or even laughing really loud till they spilled tears? (something like this: [link] ) 
So far you've been working on an expression behind the painting, maybe you can try to express the emotion in a visible view; which is in the characters themselves! (:

I'd like to see more of your upcoming improvements! I know you'll be able to beat your current self in order to beat your records and step up to the next level! You're capable of lots of things in art because you DARE to beat yourself, you know! (and this is what makes me proud of you!)

I hope the things I said here are helpful and doesn't offend you Q___Q;;; Best of luck!! <3

"Dare to beat yourself"
wow. That's something I've been doing but I barely forgot about it. Those are words that makes me up and down every time I look back at my old works. I'm glad someone reminded me. I'm sure to keep those words carefully from now on.

Again, thank you so much for your participation and support! I wish you'll still be there to see my improvements

Win Free Commission - last day

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2013, 7:37 PM

Been a busy month

Thank you for the comments. I've read all of them but I need more! I'll wait a few weeks from now for more comments before announcing the winner.

What comment? Tell me what you think about my works, my mistakes, my potentials what you like and dislikes, what you hope from me next, and all

I won't reply the review comments until I decide the winner.

Hope to read more from you soon!


Mon Apr 1, 2013, 10:37 AM

Most of you must be curious after seeing my last poll…
Who is my most active watcher? How can I tell?
Are YOU my most active watcher?

It's been four years since I joined dA. I started as a noob, didn't know anyone here. It was really hard for an amateur artist like me to get attention. It's quite fair here I think. Brilliant stars can shine immediately, but other stars will have to struggle, take thousand steps to reach the sky... and shine. Where the energy and the motivation came from? From dA watchers of course. Words, responses, they gave reasons for me to be here, to stay and create something. I changed from time to time. Some watchers come but some go too because of my changes. but I didn't turn back.

Watchers, you kept me alive here.

Thank you

And I wish I could give you all something more than words :blowkiss:

So, lets go back and talk about the title. I already have a name of my most active watcher on my pocket. He/She will get a free commission from me. Hey wait, how can I tell who?
Well, the truth is I-have-never-delete-my-activity-messages-before-reading-them
Through activity messages, you can see who is :+fav:ing and :+devwatch:ing your gallery
I have 7xxx activity messages now. The latest one was from two years ago :phew:
I read them. It's impossible to remember all the names. but the name who kept showing from time to time make me remember it. Make sense, isn't it?

I can find my watcher who always stays with me XD It makes me really happy
Aaaaaaaaaaaand the watcher iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss...

congratulation! I love you!! :hug:

Hey, YOU can get a free commission from me too. How?
By leaving a comment below and tell me what you think about my works, my mistakes, my potentials what you like and dislikes, what you hope from me next, and all
I won't reply the review comments until next month when I decide the winner.
Stay tune :wave:

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March Commission - closed

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 11:34 PM

slots are full. Commission will be reopened next month

Click here for price details

send me a if you are interested

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Februarrrrry Commission - 1 slot left

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 8:42 AM

Click here for price details

send me a if you are interested

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January commission - closed

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 7:41 PM

slots are full. Thank you!


I will face exam next week and after that, it's holidaaaaaaay.
But it's time to fill up my wallet, no?
I put a new category on regular commission. Check it out

send me a if you are interested


It's been a while since the last time I posted deviation.
I'm still drawing... a lot, but not submit them here.
I don't want to spam you so I submit them on my tumblr instead.
Feel free to meet me there. Let me know your tumblr too :D

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November Commission closed

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 4:09 AM

The slots are full. I will open again next week or next month

Thank you

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November Commission Open 2 slots

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 31, 2012, 4:43 AM

I just finished midterm exam. Phew...
It made be really really busy, tired and... broke :(
I haven't opened commission for two months D:

So here I am now. Open for commission again
If you want to order a slot, better do it now because next week I'll put new prices! :iconimseriousplz:
click link below for commission catalog and price info…………

click the button bellow to order

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Will be opened again next month

thank you :wave:
advertisements! :rofl:

Thanks to them, I realized that my long long wonderful premium membership is finally over.
Thanks to Arisa-tan who gave me one year long subscription as a contest prize last year.
Ahh... I'm still remember my first subscription. FayeSiiHikura was the one who gave me. Thanks dear, it really made my day

Anyway. I'm opening commission again. Just two slots at at the moment.
And no, no it's not for new subscription lol. I need some money to buy a software licence.
They are really expensive ya... but I need it
Click this banner below for commission detail


Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 7:01 AM

I... I'm back! I'm still aliiiive!

It was my first time to get hospitalized and I was so scared I thought that I won't be able to leave the hospital anymore ;A;

I was leaving hospital on Monday afternoon. I can't sleep well there. And the meals are... yuck... Xp that's why I decided to rest at home. However, doctor told me to rest, not to leave my bed until my next check up on Friday :/

Overwork, not get enough rest and eat, have made my health dropped. I got Hepatitis A. Everyone told me that there is only one way to cure it. Get a long rest (1-3 months) or you will sick forever. Scary...

Thanks to my mom, brother and friends. Their great support bring back my hope

Time waits for no one. This week is still exam week. I can't rest peacefully. I have to finish all my assignment first. It still a long way to go. I hope my lecturers understand my situation D:

Thank you for your comment on my previous journal too. It means a lot to me ;A;

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Such a bad morning--

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2012, 11:05 PM

--to found myself at a hospital.

well... too dizzy to type more words. wish me luck. I'll be back soon...

I hope

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